Call Me Stewardess - A novel

Call Me Stewardess - A novel

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English version of my first novel is now available!

It is not available on our shop but you can get it on Amazon at this link. GET IT HERE!

Already a bestseller in its french original version, CALL ME STEWARDESS is the book to read to escape your everyday life at 36 000 feet in the air!

Welcome to the love story of a flight attendant and a pilot – a story inspired by true events, lived by no other than the novel's author and flight attendant Elizabeth Landry. A story in which desire, love and adventure come together in the mysterious world of aviation. Expect some turbulence…

CALL ME STEWARDESS is the sometimes glamorous and surprisingly often not-so-glamorous life of the single thirtysomething flight attendant, Scarlett. But, as she prefers, call her Stewardess. It has a much sexier ring to it.

Scarlett is looking for love. However, when judging her life, especially when it comes to men, her friends like to point out the fact that she might be too demanding. Yet, she refuses to put her ideals and principles aside. She has managed to land her dream job, hasn’t she? Surely, the rest will also fall into place!

Unfortunately, working 36,000 feet up in the air doesn’t make things easy. In between crazy passenger encounters and wild co-worker stories, Scarlett remains hopeful for love. Of course, as life will have it, when love finally does show up, it will be under near impossible circumstances. Will Scarlett allow herself to embrace it? And if so, at what cost?


260 pages

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